gratitude collision

I am grateful for being able to stand today. For getting the courage up to finally take the next steps toward getting healthier and feeling better every day. For finally saying enough is enough, you have a problem. This isn’t the way life should be, not remembering the night before, not recognizing the person in

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Back to the Drawing Board

I am a designer and photographer by trade, and a graphics editor here at LinkedIn. This means that most of the images, designs, photos, drawings and cartoons related to our publishing platform have crossed my desk at some point. All day I look at images of people, things, places and events all over the world,

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next stop.

  i can see the light fade from this golden orange haze to a murky dark pine green   there are chunks of ice in the hudson i didn’t bring the right shoes i never seem to no matter how hard i try.   there are so many constant commuters on this train real life

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  Midtown, June 2014 – broccoli ——————————— Sagaponack, NY, October, 2015 Bushwick, October 2014 – avocado Halsey Street L station – Manhattan bound track, August 2015 33rd street and 5th avenue, August 2014 – kiwi      Dekalb Avenue MTA stop, Brooklyn, July 2014 – Cucumber  L train at Montrose Ave – Not quite produce —

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some hours, I spend underground. watching the wonderful world race by.

sweat-er weather

Too cold Too hot Hot then you’re cold Yes and no Stop it My head is spinning Shivering from this up and down Highs and lows Can’t keep up Here’s the high: You’re golden You’re beautiful If not early you’re late Pack light, drink heavy Ice water Sun shine Put the lime in the coconut

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