chi town and midwest skies

As suspected things are never as bad as they seem.
Our delay on the road took only
A change
Of batteries and 5 hours

We crossed the gw bridge zoomed
Through jersey
And then took a ride on the biggest
Pencil in america.
This took hours
And ohio, indiana and then illinois
Blurred by in vitamin b brightness

Then the time zone switched
And we rolled into
Central time
What does that remind me of?

Chilled in the haze of the
Windy city
With those friends you make for the
Night and probably never
Will see again.
Chilled with hancock in obamas
Wish I could remember all
Their names
but the bros from the go
Were too similar at a
4am eastern

No crack
Just crackberrys
Of which I may have just become
An addict
He said his great aunt dropped dead
On the rug I was sitting on
Glad its not catching.

Sweet mary and officer a
Swears america
Is the promised land
If only everyone could see
20/20 like him

Slept on a pull out couch
In a living room
On a mattress covered in plastic
His granparents were sleeping in jars nearby
We snuck out
Without even meaning to

Then onto the bean
In millenium park
Trouble you were right
I like the way that metal
Knows what I wanted to find
Lake michigan
Is still chilly
I stuck both feet in

Made friends with a fellow traveler
Who said I smelled nice
I liked his feather
In his hat

There are windmill farms
Its like someone
Finally got the memo
Anybody can be from anywhere here
America is big
And its free
And you can get lost if you want to

There’s 180degrees of sky out there
He said to me
Its 92 at the dairy queen
The fronts are colliding

I feel like my thumbs are
We’ll be in kansas soon.
Through the twisting roads
Of misserri
Katies makin cookies
I’m pretty sure well get along.

Tornadoes headed our way.
Dorothys off to oz

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