Swollen feet and even more
Swollen expectations
And egos
Like hairdos
Different every day
And never as good
As the night before
When your mind

Was blank
And the space between your liver and
Your brain
Takes a vacation
Your senses

Well never be able to find you
If you leave and never
Come back
From the darkest
Place across the sea

I can’t help but
Miss the green
And the space
And the knowledge
That I am missed somewhere
I’m jaded
It wasn’t
Planned this way

Its never really planned

Is it!
It just falls to place
Like a perfect
Crossword puzzle
But all you’ve got
Are sudoku numbers
This liquid is pink
And my face gushes red
I hate remembering
What I wanted
To forget

While you quietly
Slide from hood to hood
Of the name of this place
Or who got the last round
We spin
Till all the cabs
Look like sunflowers
And our feet
Are swollen

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