down the mist trail

i think some of my best times
have been on days
that started well before the sun rises
its only 3 hours to the valley
where the water falls
and flows through the grass

there is a magical calm here
as we hike 3 miles into the sky
on the first day
we encounter rattling snakes
and snow covered paths
we got a little lost
in the wilderness
and all i brought were my new running shoes

they’re definitely broken in now

there was more water this year
than they had ever seen
they are the veterans of yosemite
polly, john and doug
best friends since high school
now 55 a piece
carrying themselves ever upward and onward
toward beautiful vistas
and rocks that balance on mosses and streams
john limps a little
but he ices his knee with snow and stream water
i hope to be like polly when i am 55
i now know what i want to end up like

they plan to walk across spain
andbike across america
suck it roadtrip-john and polly have us beat.
together we are 44
together they are 110.

i feel small.
i dont slow down.
i drink slowly
so they dont know that
im kinda trying to catch
my breath.

the path

the water had a violent sort of calm to it
officer a and i climbed down the mist trail
right along the raging power
of water and wind
his boots were too big for the rocks
we walked like crabs on slippery cliffs

we found the waterfalls
where water has no idea that its about
to leap into the valley below
water has no choice
it just keeps flowing
and it goes wherever the path takes it

i wish to be like water
to just keep going–always
not ever even hindered by heights or falls
water carries on

we hiked 20 miles this weekend
through some of the best rocks
ive ever seen
the tallest most magestic  trees
the clearest, iciest streams
and the roar of the falls will stay with me

the rainbows form perfect circles
because there is so much mist in the air
we leave the path and go barefoot into the
magical rainforest
that the mist makes
it doesnt have to rain in california
it is green anyway

i find myself lighter and happier than i can remember
after baptizing myself in the icy mist of the waterfall
my feet are sore and cold
but i can skip higher now, breathe deeper
my dreams got bigger.

now i am crushing on old-time explorers
like john muir and lewis and clark
the lucky bastards that got to see all of this when it was still
really wild

i feel a little cheap with my trusty nikon in hand
as i know the first photographers
came with tents for darkrooms
glass for negatives
and river water for rinsing

its almost too easy
but its also impossibly hard

there is no way to capture the full beauty of this place
with a camera
you simply must go and see for yourself

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