woke up in a childhood bedroom
in kansas
there’s no place
quite like an army home
memorabilia and signs
of moving and military surround you

the cinnamon buns and the kindness
were just what i needed
we left in a flurry of ragweed
and 70mph on a state road
their road signs look like sunflowers

kansas is so flat and vast
you can see for hundreds of miles
all around
we watched a tornado
trying to brew, but conditions
were not perfect for a spiral kinda storm

then we hit colorado
and we kept getting closer and closer
to the clouds
they were like a ceiling
they kept us safe and mostly dry

after hours
we hit the city of buildings and mountains
surely they will rose before our eyes
quick detour to boulder
probably should have gone to collge there
i feel at home in the shadow of the mountain
amongst the backpackers and dreadlocks
the clouds and the 5 dollar pitchers of PBR

everyone moves slower here
everyone seems happier
you feel pretty small when you look up at a mountain
maybe your head doesnt get as big here

the air is definitely thinner
i can tell as we hit one mile high
and the altitude keeps rising
its easier to breathe here
but it makes you a lil giddy

Stopped in at a 5 star hotel in Vail
Thanks to our kayak
And pretended we were deutsch again
Off season is the best season
Slept in a marshmellow bed
And showered under a stone sun

We trekked through the mountains
Along the river
And then the rock turned red
The wind is winning
As we race across the desert
I can’t believe how lucky
America is
To have so much beautiful land

Officer a says there aren’t
Enough words in just english
To describe it
I think he’s right

I’ve also never seen so much
Its fantastic
I feel like a pioneer
And this is this is the new frontier.

Onward to vegas
Through the desert
To zion
To photograph the stars
And the full moon
Over the cactus flowers
And sand

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