some of my favorite things
are green
with dark bumpy skin
all buttery jade inside

the soft grass
on your callouses
and the basil
in a caprese

like you’ve never seen
the night turn
into morning

get it girl
i got my green
license plates
i am so happy
to try and sneak

from here
(or anywhere)

it seems
like no ones
really gonna mind
if i stay
but they might
if i go

its on vt

John butler plays the River song
Mines more like lake song
Its so green here
I can literally taste the

We have to thank the trees
Without them
Can’t breathe
Without him?

Hit me like a boulder
Took my breath away
He’s just like a dream
I had once

When I was sleepin’
On the floor
Of a house
That wasn’t mine

I feel like a firefly

The skies are vast
They make me wanna
Come back as a bird
Next time
Because I think sometimes
We humans got
A half baked deal
On just the ground

I’ve never found such
Kindness from strangers
In all my life
It was as if they were just
Waiting patiently
Until I arrived
And now I feel as though
I was supposed to come here

I’m happier in my moccasins
With my hair in a braid
Lookin’ at millions of stars
And sleepin’ under a safety net

Keeps the mosquitoes at bay

I think I hunger to do something
Small and meaningful
Instead of grasping for some sort of
Self made pseudo fame

it’s not important
to be defined
it’s only important
to be kind.

Call me simple
I like that
Would you like a sprinkle
Of cinnamon on your life?
Maybe a hint of vanilla
And sage
And sweet onions
And sweeter humans

Let’s do it manana
And look at the clouds
Ill bake you a cake and
get you all rolled up
Get yourself in a
Green mountain state of mind.

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