love in an airport bar

Lessons come to me dressed in deja vu
My doubts are clear
My mind is in between

Are you the one that will come in
When the fireflies go out
The prince to my ballerina

You know I drink my vodka
With tonic
Extra lime please
How was your week?
Kind to strangers big and small
Do you feel like home?

Home moves
Like a hermit crab
House on my back

Warm sun
Ebony love for my ivory keys
Can’t keep my feet on the ground

So concerned this is real
Love I found
In an airport bar
2 hours early for my flight
Too much celery in that awful
Terminal asian food

Extra shot in that for 3 bucks?
Easy question
Easy answer
Sweet and sound

If I could live out of this backpack
I’m afraid that I would
Don’t go back
There’s nothing waiting
But your fish
And some photos

You’ll take more

Armed with my camera
A slight buzz
And a hope

That I dont run into you
Too soon?
At the wrong time

Let’s leave it at that
The world is too small
For ultimatums like that

I drink too fast I smoke too much
Or do I?
This bag hold everything
I need
For the week
For the year

I got my besties on speed dial
And a 200 lb weight on my heart
Where did you go?
A month already you’ve been gone
Lionhearted monarch king

Some boys don’t know how to love
I thought I did,
Maybe I did it all

I don’t get what I want
But who does?
Southern comfort
Is a lie
There is nothing comfortable about
This south

I don’t belong here
So do I belong anywhere?
I say anywhere with trees
And I’m good

But then I’m gone
I’ll follow you
Deep sea baby

Will you share your last jelly bean?
Do you too think golf is stupid?
Do you wake up early
And stay up late?
Are you kind of kind?
Or one of a kind?

In my mind you are all this
More even

You are perfect
You are mine.
For 40 minutes between
Train plane and bus stations

Summer breeze
Songs of yesterday
Long hair dont care.
Don’t forget to wake up
And wake me up

Last call for flight 1456 to Phoenix.
Have a great flight.
Nice to meet you.
See you never.

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