oleander flashbacks

things are different here
i feel the air is lighter
like since there is no moisture
and there are no clouds

there is less atmosphere
me and the stars
everyone is talking about the stars

spaceships and the moon
things are sweeet
like the swish of the wind
and the sound of crickets
hes so tall i feel real small

like i belong here on this playground
swinging on monkey bars in dark
i want to know how you move so slow here
and yet go so fast
i wouldn’t change a thing

being in the middle
of two people who like
everything that you like
as we bob our heads to the sounds
of summer
my fingers find his
i realize
happy is in this car

carefree, with the windows down
cruisin on the freeway
everything about this place feels

but then again nothing is free
so there are costs here too
they are subtle
the kind that sneak up on you
when you are surrounded by oleander
cars drive away and
you realize you are nestled in
fragrant poison

maybe its time to get out of the sun

things aren’t as clear as i suspected
words get twisted like
taffy at the fair
i wish a carnie would come and rescue me
at least i’d be sure he was leaving
of just wondering
when or maybe not?

the color is blue
and gold
like the hills
scorched by the relentless
(high)pressure system
that wont get out of the valley

they were right about everything
except one thing
there was a restlessness
in the air
unlike aything ive ever felt

like the earth might begin to shake
and everything you know
and have in your heart
crashes down around you

and lights on fire

when the rain came out
the fire spread

ill be back for another round
when i have my own futon
and a garden of avocados
and lime trees
sweet breeze and cypress
deathly aquamarine bays
and finally someone
who understands why we need
to power our world with the things
it will hopefully
keep on giving us
the sun
and the wind
fingers crossed

eyes closed
im thinking myself back there
under a glittering sky
in n out
in a minute it seems
oh wow, you’re so tan

16 blocks later
i cant get the cliffs
out of my head
i think someday ill call them

i miss you
lilo knows it
i whispered it to her when
she was dreaming
under the roses
and the lemon trees
and rolling in the oleander.

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