sweat-er weather

Too cold
Too hot
Hot then you’re cold
Yes and no
Stop it
My head is spinning

Shivering from this up and down

Highs and lows
Can’t keep up

Here’s the high:
You’re golden
You’re beautiful
If not early you’re late
Pack light, drink heavy
Ice water
Sun shine
Put the lime in the coconut
Feel better?

Midnight margaritas
And women who love you
Can cure almost anything

Any song you want
Play that shit dj
Stay young go dancing
even if your feet hurt

Keep your doors locked
And your heart open
Your hopes up
And the past in the past

Don’t dwell. they tell me
Don’t do it.
Just don’t.

Why is it so easy to say it
So uneasy to do it

It’s like a wave that washes over you
Ready to rumble you
Tumble you
Rip up your knees and elbows
Sand in your eyes

Nothing good can come from
Looking back

You gotta look forward
Keep your eyes on the ocean

Here’s the lows:
The world is a vampire
What if no one is as good as you hope
And no amount of garlic
Gonna make it better?

Waiting for hours for someone to call
When they do
you wish they hadn’t
There is no good time
For bad news

Wear your seatbelt
Don’t get a motorcycle
We are vulnerable
Handle with care

Only worth living if somebody
Is loving you.
Did he love me? Did he lie?
Does it matter? Now he’s gone for good? For worse.

The people you count on
Suddenly are a countdown
Dropping like flies
Till the let you down eventually
At some point
You’ll be back on your own
Alone with your thoughts

Why do I take so many photos
If I’m not supposed to look back?
Is it just to give to your mom once you’re gone?

I feel like a stranger in my own skin
Like these aren’t my eyes
My hands
My life

I’m happier than this
How dare I not be?

Why are you crying
You look like a r(z)accoon

It’ll work out somehow
No matter how many couches
You have to sleep on
And train stations you wait in

And how much you look around at
And wonder how
How did you get like this?

Why can nothing be more fair?
Funny word
Funny concept
Funny dream

It’s gonna get cold again
Really soon
This summer is almost over
And it’s almost 2 whole years
Since he climbed that mountain
To find me
Smiling at the summit
I wanna be that girl he loved again

I know he loved me
I’m almost sure.

But now that’s over
No looking back
As I look forward I see white and black

Such a cancer
Moody as if It was written in the stars
Why do you love the one you can’t have
And don’t want the one you can?
It’s cruel
Poetic no
Justice never

Cops couldn’t even get my name right
I feel like a cloud
Ready to burst
Like I can’t do anything right
Except rain

I’m gonna put a brick in my backpack
This traveling soul
Why be only one who’s kind?
Seems more like a sucker move.

I need my sweater,
I’m cold again.

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