vail to vegas in one day flat
but there was nothing flat about it
we passed the hale bales
and got over our highway eyes
the mountains make sure you stay awake

there is snow up here
just under the clouds
but its 57 degrees at 7:56pm at 10,000 ft
and the temp keeps dropping
and then rising

our spaceship kept us warm
so did the red of the rocks as
we snaked along the colorado
that mighty stream that
carved the grand canyon
just cuz it could

the landscape keep changing
with every twist in the road
another “obscenic” view
a panorama unlike anything
the concrete jungle could mimic

i feel as though my eyes have to
adjust to all this sky
and all this air
and being able to look out for miles annd miles and miles
and see nothing that man has made
except for this
trusty road  that leads us into the sun

we enter Utah
in the heat of the day
taking a detour through the red rocks
to find

its no wonder
this is a wonder
water in the desert
some kind of promised land
i promise you its worth the trip

we were happy
because this is what we could see

it was hard to leave this place of red and gold
but the road to sin city
kept us goin
we watched the sunset behind the
nevada hills
the colors are brighter here
there’s no jersey smog
or light pollution
in the middle of the desert

its clean here
among the joshua trees
and tumbleweeds

then from the desert to the valley
vegas baby
like an oasis of light
rises out of the dust
how did so many people
find refuge in this desolate place
its so clear we weren’t
here first
the cactus was

how do they get water
out here in the sand?
we drive down the strip
passing by paris, new york, venice and cairo
we opt for the hard rock
with very soft beds

i’m not usually a gambler
so we east chinese food
and wander around the
roulette wheels
and dancers and poles
there’s a full moon over sin city
most people aren’t tryin to sleep tonight
most people didn’t drive a 1000 miles today

we woke up and went to rehab
slid into the pool party
ive never seen so much purple
except when freezing at yankee stadium

as we were leaving vegas
an old man in a red truck
smoking a cigar
pulled up next to us and said
“far from home aint ya?”
if he only knew how far

were almost there
the mountains are pale green and brown
the land is
spiky prickly spiny rocky yellow gray tan rocky

on to a valley where nothing is alive.
i cant wait to see the ocean.

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