yeah, i’m afraid of sharks but not the dark

got me high
like a helium ballon
stuffed like a teddy bear
with incense and candles
smoking and melting into a puddle

in that chair.
not comfortable anymore.
midnight to noon

can’t shake you
and now you’re following me
i jump, i fly, i fall


we’ll laugh at this next week
she coughs through
ill-advised tears
the best coast is now open for business
like a new planet

lets go explore it and get lost in the kindness of
strangers aren’t strangers once you meet them.
they can still be strange

they can send out chain letters filled
with oxymorons
mixed messages
invites and letdowns


we both came from the water
is this the age of aquarius?

cant swim very well
cant hold my breath
yeah i’m afraid of sharks
but not the dark.

caramel lovers
on dark porches
in hushed tones
and hurried whispers

grasping, yearning for
something to hold onto
when all they know is
letting go. being free.
no one seems to want to stay till the end

of the movie
catch the credits:
this is your life:


dont hold your breath
for anyone
you’ll only end up choking

on acrid black smoke
of unrequited

you liked me
but not enough to stay
i wanted you to

to like me more
than just another stranger.
strangers are just friends you havent met yet.
i met you, you’re still strange
i know im stranger too.
i dont even really recognize this place
from my memory
of sneaking in
and sneaking out
and getting caught
and getting away

it feels STRANGEly familiar
yet im unprepared.
like a dream interrupted by
alarms, sirens, heartbreaking.

the heart is not quiet when it breaks.
they say they can hear it crack
in the green mountains

the lake humming
from the weight of the
unrelenting, shifting ice.


maybe i’m a desert child
and moutains make me nauseous
like rollercoasters and tsunamis

maybe i need 100 hours of silence too
and a year of sitting in temples

maybe then i’d think more
before opening my mouth
or anxiously tapping my toes
to the beat.

wildly impatient.
impatiently wild.
guess i better learn to swim.

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